Walking Aids

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Aluminum Canes

  • All aluminum canes have an adjustable height of 30″ to 39″.
  • 250 lb. weight capacity.

Designer Canes

  • Adjustable in height, increasing stability
    when walking
  • Available in multiple patterns and colors
  • 250 lb. weight limit.
  • Available for purchase only


Quad Canes

  • Long handled shoe horn included
  • Economical choice for those who require a cane with 4 point stability
  • Lightweight aluminum canes are adjustable
    in height
  • Available with large or small base
  • 250 lb. weight limit.
  • Available for purchase only

Forearm Crutches

  • Adjustable and lightweight.
  • Arm cuffs measure 3 1/2″ and mold to the user for extra comfort.
  • Feature durable pivoting cuff brackets and
  • long-wearing, contoured vinyl handgrips.
  • The distance from handle to cuffs is 9 1/2″ – 11″
  • Weight capacity is 300 lb.
  • Sold in Pairs


  • Push button height adjustment
  • Marked height for easy adjustment.
  • 250 lb. weight capacity.

Folding Walker
Dual-Button Release

  • Dual-button release provides greater security.
  • Folds to 4″ width for easy transport and storage
  • Durable skid resistant tips.
  • Hemi or Side stepper available
  • 275 lb. Weight limit
  • Rental Available

Walker Accessories

  • Walker basket can attach easily without tools
  • to most walkers
  • Wheels are available in 3″ or 5″ for the front of standard walkers
  • Walker trays can be ordered for most walkers
  • Walker platforms fit most walkers, can be used on either left or right hand side.

Rolling Walkers

  • Opens and folds easily.
  • Four Wheels with a braking system, seat and
  • basket
  • Different styles and colors available.
  • Billed unassigned through Medicare
  • Medicaid billing with prior authorization.
  • 250 lb. Weight Limit..
  • Rental Available.

Transport Chairs

  • Lightweight aluminum frame makes loading easier.
  • Available with 12″ or 8″ rear wheels.
  • Available with or without hand brakes behind seat.
  • Padded upholstery and armrests.
  • Quick release fold down back.
  • 275 lb. Weight limit.
  • Rental Available.